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E-2 비자

The Foreign Language educating (E-2) visa is given to unknown dialect instructors who work in South Korea. Candidates are required to be local occupants of a nation whose primary language is equivalent to the language they will educate and they are likewise required to hold a four-year certification from that nation. Applications are required to submit criminal record verifications, wellbeing checks, fixed transcripts, confirmed duplicates of their degree, contracts, and a charge to acquire the visa.

In 2007 the legislature acquainted a few new guidelines with the E-2 visa. Remembered for these were a criminal record check, wellbeing check, and department/international safe haven meet for first-time candidates. In 2008 a few English-talking nations that were precluded from applying for the E-2 visa reviled it as oppressive. The Philippines representative met with Korean Immigration authorities to attempt to convince them to change the strategy and permit educators from The Philippines to show English in South Korea. Nonetheless, the administration had just shown before in the year that they intended to take a gander at growing E-2 visas to extra nations yet it required the endorsement of different government organizations, so there was no time period for when it would happen as intended. Around the same time, remote educators previously working in Korea additionally called the principles encompassing the visa oppressive on the grounds that they were dependent upon wellbeing criminal and different checks, in contrast to different outsiders on various visas, for example, ethnic Koreans brought into the world abroad or outsiders who had hitched Koreans. Korean Immigration reacted that it was their strategy to support ethnic Koreans and that different countries and domains followed comparable policies. Increasing wrongdoing was referred to as a purpose behind the guidelines, yet a few educators felt it was an automatic response to a speculated pedophile who had instructed in South Korea, however, never had a criminal record in any case. Migration again guaranteed the option to choose how and to whom it gave visas. Later in 2009, a test was documented with the National Human Rights Commission in Korea over the checks by law teacher Benjamin Wagner.
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