How To Trade Stocks

A company can hold several types of stocks such as:

Raw material,
The product is manufactured as a subset or complete item,
Manufactured product ready for sale, or for use in the production line,
"Defective" or obsolete products to be "updated" or repaired.
Inventory can be used either for:

To be sold as-is,
To be used in the production process, to manufacture a subset, or a finished product, which will then be used for production or sale,
Be repaired, "updated" or recycled.
Stock, or storage, is the action of storing, that is to say to place in an identified place objects or materials that we want to be quickly available when needed.

Stock typology

The main stocks are:

the stock of goods. Inventory of merchants (resale of non-value-added items of transformation by the company);
the stock of raw materials that represent items purchased from suppliers for further processing;
the stock of in-process (semi-finished) products that represents items that are not salable as they are still subject to processing; These in-process processes may be due to technological constraints in the process (cooling, drying, etc.) or may be due to the production system, which, by moving away from the "One Piece Flow" generates ongoing
the stock of finished products (or "finished products") that represents the items that the company can sell after making them;
the stock of empty packaging (pallets, crates ...).