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It will show through your expression, body language, and tone of voice.

On the contrary, if your mind frame was fixed on something immensely positive, such as “having won $100,000” last night, you’ll thus feel more empowered, excited, and on top of the world!

That’s exactly the ideal emotional state you want to render a girl to.

So, to recap: What you think will always influence how you feel; and how you feel potentially affects the conversational dynamic, which consequently affects the type of responses you get from a woman.

Utiliser pour se détendre, l'art du diamond painting est un loisir créatif idéal pour se recentrer se soi-même.

What to do before talking to another girl?
First, gain momentum. Get yourself into the right mental and emotional state; be “in the zone”. Before you walk up to your next target, talk on the phone with a friend, a nearby counter assistant, or whoever stands nearest to you. Talk about anything, but nothing serious.

The purpose of this exercise is to help you get into a “sociable” mood. It’s like a warm up to a basketball game. Before the match, it’s best to not only stretch, but run laps to get into an active and ready state.

The more people you talk to, the less stressful it is to move onto the next one, simply because you’ve adapted well to this temporary state.

Your body will be gushing with adrenaline therefore making you feel more positive about yourself, and whoever you talk to, will inevitably sense this.

So, get yourself fully amped up before you go in for the kill. Always helps!

There’s a reason why opinion openers are favored in my playbook.

1. It reveals no intent that you’re actually ‘hitting on her’.
2. It’s your first hook to make her commit herself to you.
3. Women love to share their personal opinion. It indirectly communicates that you VALUE and RESPECT her.
4. It immediately grabs her attention — always.

Next time you see a prospect, try an opinion opener.

Here are some hot starters…

“Hey, quick question, I need a woman’s opinion, what color shirt do you think looks good on me?”