The online casino features a good reputation

An online casino is like an insurance firm. you'll only determine whether you've got an honest insurance firm after a harmful event and therefore the insurance firm compensates you fairly for the damage. you'll only determine whether you play during a good casino or not after you win a considerable amount and therefore the casino easily pays out your money. There are many documented cases where online casinos have directly cheated the players.

The most common cheating practices are

The casino refuses to disburse the winnings fairly won by a player:
The casino marks the win as a programming error and can not accept the player's entitlement thereto. The casino tries to push the player into accepting compensation of 10-20% of the first win.
The casino makes a payout condition to play further.
The casino introduces unreasonably low withdrawal limits that prevent the withdrawal of a bigger win.
The casino, for no reason, delays withdrawals (for weeks or maybe months). The casino endlessly repeats verification of the player's identity to stall.
The casino justifies not paying out legitimate winnings in other ways.
The casino offers manipulated unlicensed games with a way lower payout ratio. The games are often a faithful copy of favorite games made by honest game developers, basically indistinguishable from the first.
The casino often uses a clause about bonus abuse. The casino marks every player, who converts a bonus into real money, as a bonus abuser and cancels all the bonus money.
Because of such practices, it's good to see the reputation of a web casino before depositing money. We do that for you and that we regularly check the reputation of all the casinos on our list. If we discover that any casino acts unethically, we'll delete it.